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TOCOM Gateway Documentation

Configuring the Trading Environment

Load Balancing

As a guideline, TT recommends that no more than 20 direct traders connect to TOCOM through any one TOCOM Gateway.


Due to the variety of factors involved (e.g., hardware specifications, trade volume, etc.), you should work with your Technical Account Manager to determine your optimal load-balancing solution

Configuring the NIC Setup

TT recommends using a dual-NIC (network interface card) setup for all TOCOM Gateways. This includes:

  • One NIC facing the customer’s local network
  • One NIC facing the TOCOM network

Configuring Failover

TOCOM Gateways do not support redundant trading systems. To configure failover on TOCOM Gateways, two deployment methods may be used:

  • Cold Standby: Two TOCOM Gateways with the same Exchange-Flavors are installed on two machines. Only one Gateway will be running at any time. During disconnect, the secondary machine must be manually started. Once the backup Gateway is active, all traders will automatically connect to it.
  • Backup Flavor: Two TOCOM Gateways with separate Exchange-Flavors are installed on two machines. Both Gateways are Active and traders are logged into the Primary Exchange-Flavor. In case of disconnect, traders log into the Secondary Exchange-Flavor to continue trading.