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TOCOM Gateway Documentation

Configuring Give Up Orders / Account Codes


TOCOM uses account types/codes for designating trades as submitted by house, client, market maker, etc. Therefore, for normal trading, traders are required to specify an account code in the Acct Type field in X_TRADER. Account types are configurable in hostinfo.cfg. For example, the default account code mapping is:

# OSE account codes

# C Client/Agency

# H House/Principal










TOCOM does support give-up/mutual offset allocation of orders. To submit Give Up orders, traders must use the G2 account code and perform the additional actions listed in the Multi-Firm Configuration section below.

Multi-Firm Configuration

Customers wishing to submit Give Up orders must perform the following actions:

  • Select Account type as G2 in the X_TRADER®Market Grid window.
  • Enter the Country Name (i.e., TC) in the Clearing Member Code field.
  • Specify the Customer Identity (i.e., participant code of the counterparty) in the FFT2 field.

    Customers can also create an X_TRADER® Customer Defaults profile with the Account Type=G2, Give Up=TC and FFT3=customer_info_s, participant code. If the Give Up and FFT3 fields are not specified correctly, then the TOCOM Gateway will reject the Give Up order with appropriate error messages.