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TOCOM Gateway Documentation

Supported Order Types


This section contains additional information related to supported order types.

Order Types

The following table lists the order types and restrictions supported by the TOCOM Gateway.

TOCOM Supported Order Types



Order Types and Restrictions


Native (Exchange Supports)






Market to Limit


Good Till Day (GTD)


Good Till Cancel (GTC)


Good Till Date (GTDate)


Immediate or Cancel (IOC)


Fill or Kill (FOK)

    • GTC and GTDate restrictions are spread orders only (SCO).
    • During the day session (T session), a GTDate SCO is only valid for the current day (e.g., 15 May). Otherwise, it's rejected by the exchange.
    • During the night session (T+1), a GTDate SCO is only valid for the following day (e.g., 16 May). Otherwise, it is rejected by the exchange.