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TOCOM Gateway Documentation

Redundant Gateway Configurations- OM Gateways

Configuring Secondary TT Gateways


TT does not recommend or support configuring the same exchange credentials on redundant TT Gateways.

If you are configuring a redundant, secondary TT Gateway to use in the event of a complete hardware failure or Order Server failure on your primary gateway, TT recommends that you configure the secondary TT Gateway with unique exchange credentials (i.e., NIC IP addresses, Member IDs, Login IDs, sessions IDs, etc.).

If you configure the secondary TT Gateway with the same exchange credentials and exchange-flavor (e.g., both primary and secondary are TOCOM-A), please be aware of the impact on TT Gateway functionality when switching over to the secondary gateway.

Gateway Behavior

In the event of hardware failure, users may host a redundant TT Gateway on a separate server. This allows trading activity to continue, however, users must be aware of the issues listed in the table below.

In the event that the primary TOCOM Gateway goes down due to a non-rectifiable hardware failure, TT recommends that, prior to beginning trading on the secondary gateway, customers contact the exchange to have their orders submitted on the primary gateway removed.

However, if the hardware failure can be rectified, TT recommends customers to bring up the primary gateway again and continue trading on it. In this case, there is no need to contact the exchange to have orders cancelled.

Recovery Behavior with Same Credentials

The table below highlights the behavior after recovery when the same exchange credentials are used on a secondary TT Gateway.

TOCOM Gateways Secondary Gateway Recovery - Same Credentials




Depending on the order state, trading occurs as listed below:

  • Working Orders: Prior to 7.15, working orders will be retrieved from the exchange and added to the order book. For 7.15 or higher gateways, working orders will be considered incomplete/unknown orders and will only be routed to users that use the administrator (TTADM) login.
  • Held Orders: All held orders, including Synthetic Strategy Engine and Autospreader Strategy Engine position reserve orders, will be deleted.


After the secondary gateway initializes, it will request all fills that occurred on the clearing date. For 7.15 gateways, the fills will be duplicated as incomplete/unknown fils.

On gateways prior to 7.15, working orders that were filled during the transition will be processed normally. For 7.15 or higher gateways, these fills will appear as incomplete/unknown fills.

Client Applications

  • FIX Adapter: all incomplete/unknown orders and fills are ignored by FIX Adapter. Therefore, when connected to 7.15 or higher gateways, working orders and duplicated fills will not appear in FIX Adapter.
  • Synthetic Strategy Engine: Position Reserve orders will be lost.
  • Autospreader Strategy Engine: Position Reserve orders will be lost.


Users must assign the secondary gateway with the same IP address to avoid license issues.