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In addition to other functions, you can use Guardian to help administer your TT Gateway by:

  • Collecting Log Files
  • Switching Modes
  • Viewing Server Status

Further discussion on Guardian-related functionality is beyond the scope of this manual. For more information on Guardian and its tasks, refer to the Guardian Help System.


TT offers TT User Setup as an advanced tool that provides similar functionality to Guardian and includes superior user management. In addition, many TT applications now require TT User Setup’s Universal Login to operate.

For more information on TT User Setup, refer to the TT User Setup System Administration Manual.

Collecting Log Files

TT stores its log files in <root drive>:ttlogfiles. To help troubleshoot an issue, you can forward these log files to the TT Help Desk.

Due to the CPU-intensive nature of using Guardian to collect log files, TT recommends that you collect log files after trading has finished.

To collect TT log files:

  1. In the system tray, double-click the TT icon.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Collect Local Logfiles.

    You can experience a short delay while Guardian collects all log files and compresses them into a .zip file. Guardian zips the file using the naming convention IPADDRESS_DDMMYYYY_clt.zip, where IPADDRESS is the IP address of the gateway, DD is the two-digit day, MM is the two-digit month, and YYYY is the four-digit year.

    A Guardian prompt box appears.

  3. Write down the zip file name, and then click OK.

    The zipped log files are located in C:ttlogfiles.

  4. E-mail the zip file to: support@tradingtechnologies.com .

Switching Modes

If you installed the TT Gateway so that it can run in simulation or production mode as needed, use the following process to switch between modes.

To switch modes:

  1. Double-click Stop Exchange-flavor Gateway.
  2. Double-click the TT icon in the system tray to open Guardian.
  3. On the Mode menu, click the mode to which you are switching the TT Gateway.
  4. Close Guardian.
  5. Double-click the Start Exchange-flavor Gateway icon.

Viewing Server Status

To view server status, you must log into Guardian with a TTADM login.You can view the following types of server status:

  • Fill Server: The size of the cache, the sequence number of the day’s first fill, the last fill’s sequence number, the exchange’s current date and time.
  • Order Server: When you view status on an Order Server, each of the Order Routers on the TT Gateway display as components of that TT Gateway (see below).
  • Order Router: To view the status of Order Routers, you must perform a view status on any of the listed TT Gateway components. Each Order Router displays connectivity statistics (dependent upon the TT Gateway type) and the Trader ID (if any) that the Order Router currently hosts. After approximately 40 seconds the Order Routers disappear from the list.

In addition to viewing a server’s status, Guardian version 7.5.3 and higher contain a sound alert feature. The Enable Sound Alert feature provides a distinct audio "beep" sound from your machine: one when a server comes up and a different one when a server goes down.

By providing an alert sound, it is not necessary to monitor a server's status via the Guardian tree. Servers for which the sound alert apply include the Order Server, Price Server, Fill Server, and GuardServer.

To enable sound alerts:

  1. In Guardian, select the Config menu.
  2. Click Enable Sound Alert to toggle the alert on and off. A checkmark appears next to this option when the alert is enabled.