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The MD Trader price cell changes color and flashes, indicating the only price available for trading.

  • The price cell flashes red when a seller hits the bid and an H displays to the left of the price when bought.
  • The price cell flashes green when a buyer takes the offer and a T displays to the left of the price when sold.

Tip: US Treasury When Issued products display in yield. Therefore, MD Trader inverts these prices and displays the lower numbers at the top and higher numbers at the bottom.

Note:  For Bond contracts, a displayed quantity of "1" in MD Trader represents the nominal value of $1,000,000.

By default, all orders sent using MD Trader are Aggressive. The MD Trader Properties dialog includes a Passive setting so that you can send orders which can only be filled by an Aggressive order. Once this setting is enabled, you may assign the Passive order type to an order button and make it sticky.

Note: Sticky buttons allow you to continuously execute the same order type without clicking the order type button again.

Number of Orders

Using MD Trader, you can view the number of orders comprising the total bid quantity or ask quantity for up to 20 price levels from the inside market. A plus (+) sign indicates the actual value resting on the matching engine may be larger.

To display the number of orders per price level in MD Trader...

  1. Right-click the MD Trader Price column and select Properties.
  2. Select Display.
  3. Check the Number of Orders setting in the Columns section and click OK.