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Trading Bvmf Documentation

Floating Order Entry and Hotkeys

You may enter orders using one of three Floating Order Entry Styles. This includes the Order Pane, MD Trader or the Order Bar. Select the desired Floating Order Entry style from the global properties Trading tab. Once you have selected your floating order entry window of choice, right-click the Market Grid pane and select Order Entry | Floating from the context menu.

The selected Floating Order Entry window displays when you click a price, quantity, or position cell in the trading window. Alternatively, customizable Hotkeys are available to access the Order Bar, a small stream-lined Floating Order Entry pane designed for quick order entry. For example, you can map F5 to launch an Order Bar to join the bid and F9 to join the offer. Configure Hotkeys from the global properties Hotkeys tab.

See X_TRADER Help if you would like to learn how to configure Hotkeys.