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Trading Bvmf Documentation


BM&FBOVESPA (BVMF) was established in 2008 by a merger between the São Paulo Stock Exchange and Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange. BVMF is located in São Paulo, Brazil and offers customers access to trading stocks, currencies, commodities, and futures on one exchange.

X_TRADER provides access to futures and options on all derivatives traded on BVMF, including…

  • Interest Rate (e.g., One Day Interbank Deposits Futures and Options (DI1))
  • Foreign Exchange (e.g., US Dollar Futures (DOL))
  • Index (e.g., Ibovespa Index Futures and Options (IND))
  • Agricultural Commodity (e.g., Arabica Coffee Futures and Options (ICF))
  • Energy (e.g., US Dollar-denominated Ethanol Futures (ETN))
  • Gold (e.g., Futures and Options (OZ1))

Because of the unique nature of the BVMF market, X_TRADER provides several features to support the trading of BVMF products.