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TT Logging Documentation

Software Versions in TT Logs


TT applications include their version numbers in their log files, which is useful when you need to identify the version of TT application that you run.

TTChron captures information for the Order, Fill, and Price Servers. In TTChron, the version listed with the Order and Price Servers is the TT Gateway version. For simplicity, TT recommends that you look at the TTChron log file when you need to identify the version number for these applications.

Alternatively, you can view the actual log file of a TT Gateway server component to determine the following pieces of information:

  • The application’s version number
  • The version of API that the server component uses
  • The compile date of the application

Identifying Version Numbers

To identify version numbers in the TTChron log file:

  1. Using Notepad (or some other text editor), open TTChron_Date.log (the TTChron log file) located in <root drive>:ttlogfiles.

    The following example displays the type of content you see in the Notepad window:

    Example TTChron Log File

    09/07/2006 - 12:00:00:750 | Deleting oldest managed file: d:ttLogFilesTTChron_30062006.log09/07/2006 - 12:00:00:750 | copy_prices_tables: Program started (v5.0.2195.6656)09/07/2006 - 12:00:00:953 | Process 2372 (copy_prices_tables) terminated with exit code 0.09/07/2006 - 12:45:02:750 | CME-APriceServer: Service detected down09/07/2006 - 12:45:02:781 | CME-APriceServer (v7.3.0.70): Started Service09/07/2006 - 16:00:00:781 | CME-AOrderServer: Service detected down09/07/2006 - 16:00:00:812 | CME-AOrderServer (v7.3.0.70): Started Service09/07/2006 - 16:00:00:812 | CME-AFillServer: Service detected down09/07/2006 - 16:00:00:843 | CME-AFillServer (v7.1.37.63): Started Service

  2. Locate the name of the software application for which you want to identify version numbers.

    Version numbers appear in parenthesis next to the component name. In the example above, is the Price Server version and also the TT Gateway version number.

To identify version numbers in the Price Server log file:

  1. Using Notepad (or some other text editor), open the Price Server log file located in <root drive>:ttlogfiles.

    Each TT Gateway names its Price Server log file uniquely. For your TT Gateway’s file-naming convention, refer to the SAM for that TT Gateway type.

    The following example displays the first section of the log file’s contents.


    09/07/2006 - 12:45:02:781 | CME Price Server Starting09/07/2006 - 12:45:02:781 | Starting up Price Server for exchange CME.Price Server compiled: 12-Sept-2006 10:02:59* API Version: Compiled: 14-JUL-2006 12:00:00

  2. Locate the application version number.

    In the example above, the version number appears next to the application name (Price Server). Other information includes the API version number and the compile dates for both. In the example above, the Price Server version is

  3. If unable to find the correct version number, please contact TT Support.