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TT Order Keys Documentation



A key consists of six alphanumeric characters. Alpha characters are always uppercase, and the Key Server does not use the letters I or O. The number 0 is the lowest value and uppercase letter Z is considered the highest value. Thus, each series starts at 0, goes to 9, then starts at A and goes to Z.


If your TT Gateway uses the key range of 010000 to 01ZZZZ, the Key Server generates a set of keys in the following order:

  1. 010008
  2. 010009
  3. 01000A
  4. 01000B

Key Ranges

To determine the range of values it uses when creating keys, the Key Server references the aconfig_local.xml file. In aconfig_local.xml, the Low-Bound and High-Bound parameters set the low and the high-end of the range of keys available to the Key Server for distribution to trader workstations. Key Servers distribute Keys starting at the Low-Bound setting. The Key Server increases by one the value of each additional key that it distributes.

Creating Unique Key Ranges

To create a unique key range for use by the Key Server:

  • Use key ranges not already used by other TT Gateways on the network.
  • Use a wide range of values so that the entire range of keys is not used in one trading day.

For the default key range used on your TT Gateway, refer to the appropriate installation chapter in that specific TT Gateway’s SAM.

Overlapping Key Ranges

If Key Servers use key ranges that overlap, one or more of the Key Servers that uses an overlapping range becomes inactive or “locks up” until you resolve the situation. By locking itself, the Key Server prevents itself from supplying a duplicate key. During this time, one Key Server remains active to give out new keys.

Key Servers display in Guardian beneath an exchange entitled TTGLOBAL. A locked Key Server displays as half-green and half-yellow in Guardian.