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TT SIM™ Documentation


Pre-Installation Tasks

Users must ensure that the minimum client applications required for TT SIMTM are installed.

TT SIM allows administrators to establish custom trader setups for simulation using TT User Setup. To enable custom values for simulation trading, please contact your System Administrator to discuss the following:

  • Custom simulation risk limits via TT User Setup
  • Access to new products in simulation mode via TT User Setup

If a trader is configured to access all products for a particular market, administrators must create a custom trader setup for the simulation environment.

For more information, refer to Trader Setup.

Workstation Power Settings

TT SIM requires a consistent connection to maintain functionality. To avoid issues, users must ensure that the computer that hosts TT SIM does not enter the Sleep/Hibernate state. TT strongly recommends setting the Windows Put the Computer to Sleep option to Never in the power options.

Failure to do so may result in missing market data and Guardian displaying as Price Feed Down for the simulated exchanges when the computer wakes up.

Installing the TT SIM Software

Users may download and install the TT SIMTM as a separate installation from X_TRADER.


Prior to installing TT SIM, ensure that the minimum client applications are installed.

The TT SIM components (Order Server, Price Server, Fill Server, Product Server and Matching Engine) may be upgraded or uninstalled separately from X_TRADER®. Likewise, TT SIM components will not be uninstalled in the event that X_TRADER® is uninstalled.

TT SIM installs with free, local versions of Algo Strategy Engine and Synthetic Strategy Engine in addition to the other TT SIM components. The local Strategy Engines run on the trader’s workstation and are only accessible in simulation mode.


TT requires that users do not use a scheduling service, like TTChron, on the same workstation as TT SIM.