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TT SIM™ Documentation


Product Overview

TT SIM<sup>™</sup> is a real-time simulated trading solution that operates with X_TRADER®. This solution runs on the local workstation and offers a myriad of uses: testing out new trading strategies, training for traders, API solution testing, etc.

This product differs from Trading Technologies’ previous simulation solution (the TT SIM Gateway and TT Trainer) as it does not require a separate server or hosting. Rather, the new TT SIM is deployed locally on the X_TRADER® workstation. Once the trader wishes to switch from running in production mode, they can simply switch via a button in the X_TRADER® login screen to simulation mode.

While running in simulation mode, the trader will have free access to X_TRADER® Pro, ADL®, Algo Strategy Engine, Synthetic Strategy Engine, X_TRADER® API and TT API, regardless of whether licenses exist for those TT products. For more information on running TT SIM via X_TRADER®, please refer to the X_TRADER® User Manual.

Hardware and Software Requirements

To run TT SIM, the environment must contain TT User Setup 7.4.2 or higher. In addition, users must ensure that both the X_TRADER and TT SIM versions match.

To utilize X_TRADER® API applications, TT SIM requires a minimum of X_TRADER® API 7.7.3.


TT strongly recommends that users do not place the workstation into Sleep or Hibernate mode when using TT SIM. Entering Sleep or Hibernate mode may prevent the user from receiving market data and cause Guardian to display as ‘Price Feed Down’.

If this occurs, users may use the Restart Simulation functionality to reconnect the simulated exchanges.