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TT SIM™ Documentation

Post Installation


When starting X_TRADER®, you simply select simulation or production mode in the Universal Login window. Use the radio buttons to select whether X_TRADER® starts in production mode (LIVE) or simulation mode (TT SIMTM).

To switch between modes, simply exit and re-launch X_TRADER®. Then, select the mode you would like to start from the Login window.

Trader Login

To log in to TT SIM, traders can use their Universal Login ID and password. Traders do not need a separate login ID or password for simulation and production mode. After the trader has entered their login information, TT SIM will connect to the production TT User Setup database and download product and risk information associated with that login. For more information regarding product and risk information for TT SIM, please contact your System Administrator or refer to the TT User Setup System Administration Manual.


X_TRADER®, and all other TT applications on the client workstation, can only operate in one mode (simulation or production) at a time.

Configuring the System

All configuration for TT SIM is handled in the Simulation Settings window in X_TRADER®. On the Settings menu, select Simulation Settings to access the Simulation Settings window.


You can only access the Simulation Settings while in simulation mode.

You can use the Restart Simulation button to reset the current simulation trading environment. Use the Delete simulation orders and fills on restart option to control market behavior on restart.

TT SIM Configuration



Delete simulation orders and fills on restart

Sets whether the user enters simulation with a clear order book. Traders should use this option to reset all orders and fills when approaching their simulation credit limits.