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TT SIM™ Documentation

TT SIM Behavior

Market Updates

TT SIMTM continues to update based on snapshots from the production price feeds.

When trading in simulation mode, TT SIM combines production trading activity with all trades entered by the user into the simulated market. Therefore, trades entered into simulation directly reflects in all market data (e.g., updates High/Low, LastPrc, Volume, etc.).

The market reflects the trader’s simulated working orders. When a simulation trader's orders fill against production prices, the production prices will reflect the lower quantity until the next snapshot of market activity is received from production.

Order Types

The following order types are supported on TT SIM:

  • Limit
  • Market
  • Fill or Kill
  • Immediate or Cancel
  • Minimum Volume
  • Stop Limit
  • Stop Market
  • Timed (Start Date/Time, End Date/Time)
  • Triggered (Stops, If Touched)
  • Trailing (Stops, If Touched, Limit)
  • Sliced (Iceberg, Time Sliced, Volume Sliced, Time Duration, Volume Duration)
  • Retry (Machine Gun)

Unsupported Functionality

TT SIM will not initially provide support for the following functionality:

  • Detailed Depth
  • Strategy Creation
  • Wholesale/Block Trades
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Recording/replaying market data
  • Exchange-specific order types (e.g., Market to Limit orders on OSE)