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TT System Requirements Documentation

Additional Best Practices for Client-Class Systems


  • Keep hardware drivers up-to-date. If you have a choice between using Microsoft® drivers and vendor drivers, always use vendor drivers.
  • Check System Maintenance:
    • Schedule regular reboots of workstations (i.e., daily) to allow the cached data to be cleared, resources to be freed up and the page file to return to its original size.
    • Check disk space.
    • Use the Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter system tools once a month, while X_TRADER is NOT in use:
    • Turn off unneeded services. Set these services to manual startup in the Services dialog box.
  • Turn off Search Indexing.
    • Double-click My Computer and right-click on Local Disk C:.
    • Select Properties from the Context menu.
    • Deselect the check box next to Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching.
    • Click Apply. To confirm, ensure the radial button next to Apply changes to C:, subfolders and files is selected and click OK. A few access denied errors may appear; acknowledge these by clicking Ignore to continue.

    Note: You can take advantage of the Indexing Service that creates indices of the contents and properties of all files on local and network drives in order to increase file searching speed. It is quite similar to “Find Fast” that ships with Microsoft Office. There is a downside in using this option as this service runs continuously and can slow down your machine’s general performance because it has to index files continuously. As a good practice, if you do not need slightly faster file searches, the feature can be safely turned off. Be aware that Indexing Service is turned on by default for all NTFS partitions.

  • Performance is dependent on the quality of video card and on the screen resolution that is set. It is best to minimize client windows that are not in use. Reducing the amount of data displayed will always yield increased performance. Additionally, set the screen resolution and color depth as low as possible for your desktop and client workspace(s).
  • If you use USB mice and keyboards, you must use USB 2.0 ports and devices. TT does not recommend using wireless mice/keyboards.
  • TT software is extremely sensitive to time changes; ensure time settings are changed only when TT Gateways are down. Reboot the workstation after you re-synchronize clock settings.

Third-Party Software


  • Do not run MP3 or Streaming Video on the same machine when using client GUIs.
  • For third-party applications, disable Keyboard Hotkeys software.
  • Uninstall all Instant Messenger software.
  • Uninstall any other communications software (e.g., Skype).
  • Uninstall any application that connects to the Internet to receive updates (e.g., Google taskbar, Quicktime, Realplayer, etc.).

Virus Protect Software

  • TT recommends not enabling real-time virus scanning on the TT directory and its subdirectories.
  • Any virus scanning on the TT directory should be performed during non-trading hours.