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TT System Requirements Documentation


The TT Systems Integration team continually evaluates and tests new software and hardware as it is released to the market to ensure that TT software performance benchmarks are met or exceeded. The software and hardware requirements below are a result of these tests and are the same standards that TT uses in its own network, development environments, and test labs. Although TT software may run on operating systems and hardware that do not meet the listed standards, using systems that do not meet or exceed TT’s recommendations may degrade TT Software performance and reliability.

TT develops its software according to the available features in the hardware and operating systems currently on the market. Thus, as TT software is designed, developed and released to customers, you must continue to upgrade your hardware and software to take advantage of TT's new functionality. Although it is possible to use TT software with older hardware, you might be at a disadvantage compared to other customers that continue to upgrade. These disadvantages may include latency and performance degradations.

Due to the exponential growth of computing power, there is always new high-end hardware available. TT recommends that you upgrade your hardware at reasonable intervals to stay competitive.