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TT User Setup System Administration Documentation

Common Configuration Tasks

Setting the Multicast Address

TT User Setup installs with TT's Guardian application. You must ensure that Guardian points to the proper multicast for your trading environment. If necessary, set your multicast using the Daemon Setup window.

To set a multicast address:

  1. From Guardian's Config menu, click Daemon Setup.

    The Daemon Setup dialog box appears.

  2. In the Local Daemon section, type the proper multicast address in the Multicast field.
  3. Click OK.

Updating Master Files

To help accurately update your configuration files (e.g., TTUserSetupServer.ini) after an upgrade, TT User Setup installs with master .ini files located in the <root drive>:tttt_user_setup folder.

The TTUserSetupServer.ini_master file contains updated settings and parameters for the upgraded version of TT User Setup. When upgrading, TT User Setup retains your previous configuration settings. After installing, you can update your configuration files by copying the relevant changes from a master .ini file to an existing configuration file. This is illustrated in the following procedure:

To edit an existing configuration file using an updated master file:

  1. Using a text editor (like Notepad), open a configuration file and an updated master file.
  2. Copy changes from the master file and paste into the relevant sections of the original configuration file.
  3. Save your changes and close both files.

    You can continue editing the configuration files as described in this chapter.

Running Other SQL Scripts

Use the Other SQL Script option to run various scripts not available through a radio button directly on the Run SQL Script window. Optional scripts are located in your <root drive>:tttt_user_setup folder, and includes scripts such as us70_allow_just_1_concurrent_login.sql, which will limit the number of times a user can be logged in concurrently.

To run an "other SQL script":

  1. From the TTUserSetupUtil window, click Run SQL Script Against TT User Setup DB.

    The Run SQL Script window displays.

  2. Click the Other SQL Script option.
  3. Click Browse and locate your <root drive>:tttt_user_setup folder.
  4. Select a .sql script, and click Open.
  5. Click Run.

Resetting the TTSYSTEM Password

If you changed your password and want to use the original default password, perform the following procedure.

To reset the TTSYSTEM password:

  1. From the TTUserSetupUtil window, click Run SQL Script Against TT User Setup DB.

    The Run SQL Script window displays.

  2. Click the Reset TTSYSTEM password option.
  3. In the User Setup DB file field, ensure the database you created in the Creating an Empty User Setup Database displays. If not, click Browse and locate the file.
  4. Click Run.