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TT User Setup System Administration Documentation

FACT Configuration


The FIX Adapter uses the TT FIX Adapter Configuration Tool (FACT) to generate an XML file that contains the FIX Adapter settings. TT User Setup 7.4 can import FIX Adapter settings (including Gateway logins, Gateway login attributes, FIX Adapter properties, account defaults, and converted Trade filters), from the FACT XML file.

For more information about the FACT XML file, refer to the FIX Adapter System Administration Manual.


FACT files can only be imported from the Master TT User Setup Server 7.4, after the Master TT User Setup Server has been initially started.

Importing FIX Adapter Settings from FACT

To import the FIX Adapter Settings into the TT User Setup Database:

  1. Before beginning, copy the FACT.xml and Location.cfg files to a network location that is accessible from the TT User Setup Server. For information about these files, refer to the FIX Adapter System Administration Manual
  2. Open the TT User Setup Utility (using the desktop icon or tttt_user_setupUserSetupUtil.exe). Click Import FIX Adapter ConfigurationFile.
  3. The Import FIX Adapter Users to TT User Setup DB window appears.

  4. In the Source FACT.xml File section, Browse to the location of the FACT.xml file created by the FACT.
  5. In the Source.cfg File section, Browse to the location of the location.cfg file that was copied from the FIX adapter.
  6. In the Target TT User Setup Database section, Browse to the location of the database into which TT User Setup will import the FIX Adapter settings.
  7. In the FIX Adapter Password section, enter the password used for the FIX adapter you are importing. This password must match the password that you configured for your FIX Adapter.
  8. To verify that the FACT file will correctly import into the TT User Setup database, check the Run Validation Only checkbox. When the test import is error free, uncheck this checkbox. Click Start Import.

    TT User Setup imports the FIX adapter settings into the selected TT User Setup database. If the FIX Adapter user already exists in the database, no additional settings will be added or changed for that user. If the user is mapped to a TTORD that does not exist in the database, the user will be imported, but will not be mapped to the TTORD.