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TT User Setup System Administration Documentation

Starting the TT User Setup Master


After installing and initially configuring the TT User Setup Server(s), start the client application (to display server messages), and then start the TT User Setup service on the TT User Setup Master Server.

Starting the TT User Setup Service

To start TT User Setup:

  1. From your Desktop, click the TT User Setup icon to open the TT User Setup Client.

    The TT Login window appears. Because we have not yet started the TT User Setup service, The Login button is disabled and the status is "Not Ready". Additionally, the application displays a warning message indicating that a Master Server could not be found.

  2. Close the message and the TT Login window.

    The TT User Setup control panel remains open.

  3. From the Server Admin menu on the TT User Setup Control panel, click Server Messages.

    The Server Messages window displays, and allows you to monitor the server's first-time startup. Make sure that the Show only Warnings and Errors checkbox is unchecked to ensure that informational messages are not hidden.

  4. From the Control Panel, click Administrative Tools and then Services to open the Services window.
  5. Start the TT User Setup service and then view the Server Messages window.

    During initial startup, TT User Setup imports any risk data and traders from Guardian, verifies that the network includes does not have any other TT User Setup servers configured as Maser, and performs other startup tasks. When the Server Messages window displays "Master ready", you are ready to log in using the TT User Setup Client.


    If "Master Ready" does not appear, use the Server Messages window to troubleshoot the problem.

Logging into the TT User Setup Client

Use the TT Login dialog box to log into the TT User Setup Client application. To make user updates (e.g., change a password), you must be logged in with an active username (and a Master Server must be running).

TT User Setup logs all login attempts through the TT User Setup Server. You can view information regarding these logins in the Server Messages window and server logfiles.

To log into TT User Setup:

  1. On your desktop, double-click the TT User Setup icon. If the TT User Setup control panel is already open, open the File menu and click Login.
  2. Enter a Username of TTSYSTEM and a Password of 12345678 (which is the initial ID created during installation).
  3. Click Login.

You have successfully logged into TT User Setup.

After initial login, you may change the password for the TTSYSTEM username or grant administrative access to additional users. For a detailed description on the requirements and procedure for assigning administrative permissions, refer to the TT User Setup Help System.

After your Master Server is running, you can start any related Slave Servers.


The Server Messages window indicates when a Slave Server replicates the data from the Master Server.