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TT User Setup System Administration Documentation

TT User Setup Components

Component Description

TT User Setup functions as a client-server application, consisting of:

  • TT User Setup Client: Provides the ability to log into TT User Setup, and set up traders and other related data.
  • TT User Setup Server (Master): Authenticates logins, processes updates from TT User Setup Clients, and writes to its local database.
  • TT User Setup Server (Slave): Authenticates logins and keeps its database in sync with the Master Server's database.
  • TT User Setup API: This API provides a programmatic interface to TT User Setup. Refer to the TT User Setup API Developers Center at https://developer.tradingtechnologies.com/tt-user-setup-api.

You must install multiple TT User Setup Servers in an environment for data replication and failover. However, you can only designate one server as the Master server; all other servers installed in the environment must be designated as Slave servers.

Component Architecture Diagram

The TT User Setup Component Architecture diagram shows how TT User Setup components interact and communicate with one another.