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TT User Setup System Administration Documentation


Hot Failover and Data Replication

TT User Setup supports hot failover and data replication. If a server goes down, other servers will continue to process login requests without interruption. However, a Master Server must be running in order to update login information.


You must restart the server before changes to TTUserSetupServer.ini take effect.

Role of Master and Slave Servers

A TT User Setup Server can be designated as a Master or a Slave. When you install the TT User Setup Server component, by default, it is designated as a Slave. You must change the default to "Master" if the server should be installed as the Master.

You must have a Master Server running in your environment at all times in order to use the Client.

Additional instances of the TT User Setup Server can be installed on separate machines; however, they must be designated as Slaves; only one Master Server can run in the environment. Each Slave Server maintains its own database (.mdb) file that is synchronized with the Master Server's database.

Server Replication

When updates are made in the TT User Setup Client, they are automatically stored in the Master Server's local database and then distributed to each Slave Server in real time and regardless of whether the updates occur during or after trading hours.

In addition, replication happens automatically when a Slave or Master Server starts. When a Slave Server starts and discovers a Master Server running, it updates its database to be in sync with the Master Server's database. Slave Servers also automatically update their databases to be in sync with the Master Server if they are running and detect a Master Server has started.

Master Server Not Running

If the Master Server is not running and you attempt to log into a TT User Setup Client, the TT Login window displays a message indicating that the server is down.

TT User Setup is designed to prevent client login access when the Master Server is down. This is because the Master Server is responsible for broadcasting all updates to Slave Servers. If no Master is running, such updates are not allowed.

If you are logged into the TT User Setup Client and the Master Server goes down, you cannot access any login management windows. You can, however, continue to access server-related windows, including the Server Messages window.


A message in bold red text indicates that the client has stopped waiting for the server. A message with the yellow background indicates an error message.

Data Encryption

TT User Setup encrypts data in the following situations:

  • Passwords transmitted via TTM between client and server.

    TT User Setup uses the open source Crypto++ library. See http://www.cryptopp.com for more information on Crypto++. TT User Setup encrypts the passwords using a public/private key pair, the DES-EDE3 encryption algorithm, and Cipher-block chaining. The key length is 128 bits.

  • Passwords stored in the MS Access database and TTUserSetup.config files or transmitted via TTM between master server and slave servers.

    TT User Setup uses the open source Crypto++ library. See http://www.crptopp.comhttp://www.cryptopp.com for more information on Crypto++. TT User Setup encrypts the passwords using the RC4 encryption algorithm. The key length is between 96 and 256 bits based on the encrypted object in question.