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TT User Setup Documentation

Account Administration Overview

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Typically, an order sent to the exchange includes an account number. Account numbers are usually entered into the account field (in X_TRADER, for example).

In TT User Setup, risk administrators can predefine accounts. In an X_TRADER® ASP environment, only broker administrators have permissions to create and configure accounts. Once defined, administrators can:

  • Add accounts to customer defaults (e.g. to predetermine which accounts will be applied to which orders)
  • Assign accounts to traders’ Gateway Logins
  • Add accounts to account groups
  • Add account permissions
  • Configure risk limits for accounts/account groups
  • Add accounts to FIX Adapter account defaults (e.g. to predetermine which accounts will be applied to which orders)

Note: Account-based risk-checking is independent of any risk checking that may be configured for the user or Member/Group/Trader (MGT).

Note: When accounts are added to an account group, the account group's risk settings are used instead of the account's risk settings. For more information about account groups, refer to the Account Group Administration Overview topic.

To create and configure accounts, refer to the following topics:

Note: The Accounts window is a standard data grid except that you cannot copy or mass-edit accounts. Refer to the Data Grid Functionality topic if needed.