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Adding Account Group-Level Risk Checking

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can configure product-specific position limits, product-specific order size limits, and TT Gateway-specific margin limits, per account or account group. The user and gateway login's risk settings still apply, but orders submitted with an account will also be checked against the limits of the account group, based on the combined positions and working orders of all accounts in the group.

Note: To configure account-based risk instead of account-group risk refer to Adding Account-Level Risk Checking. You cannot configure account-based risk for an account that belongs to an account group.

Configuring product limits per account group also allows you to perform the following tasks, which are not available for Gateway Logins:

  • Disable trading for outrights and/or spreads/strategies per product.
  • Configure a maximum position limit of zero (thereby limiting trading to spreads).
  • Configure price reasonability settings per product.
  • Override product limits with contract level limits.
  • Override product limits for wholesale orders.
  • Configure cross order functionality per account.

To add risk checking to an account group, refer to the following topics:

Note: To prevent a user from updating the account number on a fill, make sure the Account changes on fills allowed option is unchecked (the default setting for new users).When applying account based risk checking, TT does not recommend checking the Account changes on fills option on the until the users are using X_TRADER 7.17 or later. If users are not using X_TRADER 7.17, then account numbers on fills are not updated in all TT products (this includes the gateways where account-based risk checking is done). This could lead to discrepancies between what is displayed in client applications and how risk is actually being calculated.When the Account changes on fills allowed option is checked, users who are using X_TRADER 7.17 or later can modify the account on a fill, and this update will be processed as a part of account based risk on the gateways. Note that no risk check actually takes place on the modification; therefore changing the account could cause an account to go over its limits. However, any subsequent orders will be risk checked based on the modified fills.To configure the Account changes on fills option, refer to the Setting Trade Permissions topic.