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Contract Limits Overview

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use the Contract Limits window to display all contract level overrides (contract limits) configured for an account; and to edit, copy, and delete single or multiple contract limit entries. Open the window from the User Admin menu:

In addition, a Copy button on the Contract-Specific Overrides tab can be used when editing a product limit.

To mass-edit contract level overrides for an Account or Account Group...

  1. From the User Admin window, select Contract Limits.

    The Contract Limits window appears:

  2. From the Contract Limits window, select multiple contract limits and click Edit.

    If you select contract limits from different products, the following window appears:

    Click OK to proceed or click Cancel to select different contracts.

  3. In the Edit Multiple Contracts window, change the risk limit settings for the multiple contracts you selected.


    • For multiple contract limits for the same product, the Contract field is disabled and displays <values differ>. However, if the accounts are different, the Contract field is enabled.
    • If you choose to edit contract limits for different products (same or different accounts), the checkbox may appear as a solid blue checkbox and <values differ> may be displayed in each contract-level risk setting. The blue checkbox indicates that the checkboxes are different (checked and unchecked) for each contract. The <values differ> text indicates different values for each setting among the multiple contracts:

  4. After changing the contract limits, click OK.