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TT User Setup Documentation

Creating Margin Limits for Accounts and Account Groups

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Margin limits allow you to configure credit limits per account or account group that apply to individual TT Gateways. Because P&L per account can span all exchanges, account-based margin limits ignore P&L. Additionally, margin limits apply, even if product limits are not applied. This allows you to create margin limits without creating product limits.

Margin Example: Account ABC has a $7,000 margin limit. If the margin for 1 ES contract is $3500, and Trader_1 buys 1 ES contract in account ABC, the available credit in account ABC would be $3500. If Trader_2 then buys 1 ES contract in the same account, the available credit in account ABC would be $0. No additional ES contracts can be bought in account ABC, and up to four can be sold.

You can set up and change margin limits for a single account or for an account group. If an account belongs to an account group, only the account group settings are used.

This section describes creating margin limits from the Account Group window. You can also create margin limits from the Accounts window.

To create a new margin limit from the Account Groups window...

  1. From the User Admin window, select Account Groups.
  2. From the Account Groups window, create or edit an account group. If you have assigned accounts to an account group, you can also edit that group by selecting any assigned account in the Accounts window and clicking Edit Account Group.

    The Account Group window appears.

  3. In the Exchange Settings section, enable margin checking for any applicable gateway by checking the Enabled option. To show to only gateways that are running or have been previously configured, check the show all gateways option.

  4. For each gateway you enable, enter a Margin Limit and the Currency for the limit.
  5. Click Save.