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TT User Setup Documentation

Account Group Administration Overview

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Account groups allow TT User Setup administrators to configure combined risk limits for all of the accounts assigned to an account group. Administrators can also use account groups to prevent accounts in a group from crossing orders with one another. When product limits are applied, new orders that are submitted with an account in a given account group are checked against the limits of the account group, based on the combined positions and working orders of each account in the group. This is independent of any risk checking that may be configured for the user or Member/Group/Trader (MGT).

Per group, administrators can configure product-specific position and order size limits as well as TT Gateway-specific margin limits. With account group product limits, administrators can also disable trading per product.

Note: To manage accounts that are not in account groups, refer the Account Administration Overview topic.

To create and configure accounts, refer to the following topics:

Note: The Account Groups window is a standard data grid except that you cannot copy or mass-edit accounts. Refer to the Data Grid Functionality topic if needed.