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Assigning Gateways to Multiple Gateway Logins

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can assign gateway(s) to multiple gateway login(s) from the Gateway Logins window. This is useful when the same gateways need to be added to more than one gateway login, or when you must add a new Exchange Trader to multiple TTORD Gateway Logins.

Note: The selected gateway logins must all be tradable TTORDs or all be exchange traders and non-tradable TTORDs. You cannot mass add gateways to a mixed selection of tradable TTORDs and exchange traders.

  To assign gateways to multiple gateway logins...

  1. From the Gateway Logins window, select one or more gateway logins (make sure to select only TTORDs or only exchange traders).
  2. Click Add Gateways/Exchange Traders.
  3. If you selected TTORDs:

    1. From the Add Gateways/Exchange Traders to TTORDs window, select I want to create a new exchange trader or choose an existing one..., and then click Continue.

      The Map Exchange Traders to window appears.

    2. Move one or more exchange traders (MGTs) from the Available Exchange Traders section to the Selected Exchange Traders section and then click Done.

      Note: If the exchange trader does not exist, click Create to create it. After you save the new exchange trader, it is automatically added to the Selected Exchange Traders section.

      For more information, refer to the Mapping a TTORD to an Exchange Trader topic.

    3. When prompted to change the TTORD to use the new exchange trader MGT, click Yes to configure the TTORD to use the new exchange trader MGT, or click No to configure the TTORD to use the original exchange trader MGT.

  4. If you did not select TTORDs:
    1. From the Select Gateway window, select one or more gateways, and then click Select. For more information, refer to the Assigning Gateways to Gateway Logins topic.

      Note: If you add a new market to the TT User Setup environment, you must restart the TT User Setup server before the new market is available from the Select Gateway window.

    2. When prompted to assign new gateways to users that are assigned one of the selected MGTs, click Yes to assign the user(s) to the new gateway, click No if you do not want to assign the user to the new gateway.

      You have successfully assigned the selected gateways.