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TT User Setup Documentation

AssigningUsers to a Gateway Login

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can assign one or more users to a specific gateway login from the Gateway Logins window. While assigning the users, you can also edit the Login Attributes for that login.

When assigning users to Gateway Logins, consider the following:

  • The same user cannot be assigned to a TTORD and the direct trader login that it’s mapped to.
  • The same user cannot be assigned two MGTs that share a Member and Group.
  • The same user cannot be assigned an administrative login (where Group = XXX; for example, TRTT3XXXMGR) and any of the following:
    • a TTORD or direct trader login that shares the same Member value (e.g., M = TRTT3).
    • A TTORD that maps to a direct trader that shares a Member with the administrative Gateway Login.
    • A Direct Trader that could be mapped to by any TTORD that shares a Member with the administrative Gateway Login.

Note: In X_TRADER ASP, you cannot assign the same Gateway Login to buy-side users from different companies.

Note: You can also assign one or more gateway logins to a single user from the New User or Edit User window. Refer to the Assigning Gateway Logins to a User Through the Users Window topic for more information.

To assign users to a gateway login:

  1. From the User Admin menu, select Gateway Logins and then click the gateway login you want to assign to one or more users.

  2. Click Assign to Users.

    The Assign Gateway Login to Available Users window appears.

  3. The Available Users list displays all the users you can assign to this gateway login. Select the user(s) that you want to assign to the gateway login.

    Note: Press the Ctrl key to select multiple users.

  4. Using the transfer arrow buttons (>, <, >>, <<), move the selected user(s) from the Available Users section to the Selected Users section.

    Note: When assigning a user to a TTORD that is used for multiple Gateways, each Gateway appears as a separate entry in the Selected Users list.

  5. Review the login attributes listed for the users in the Selected Users list. If any attributes need to be changed (for example, if you wanted to disable Auto Login), select the user, edit the attributes in the Login Attributes section, and then click Set login attributes. If you select multiple users, the change will apply to the selected users.

    Note: Use the Prevent more than X orders per second (overrides the User-Level setting) option to set the maximum rate of orders per second allowed per TT Gateway and override the user-level setting. For more details, refer to Overriding the Order Throughput Controls.

    Note: The Auto Login option is selected automatically when a user is assigned to a gateway login.

    Note: The Exchange 1-6 fields are used for configuring exchange-specific order routing functionality (e.g., CME Self Match Prevention). The Exchange fields on this screen can also be configured to replace the use of FFT fields in X_TRADER.

  6. Click Save.

You have successfully assigned users to a gateway login.