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TT User Setup Documentation

Mapping a TTORD to an Exchange Trader

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

While the TT system associates a trader's order book and risk limits with a TTORD, the trader's trades go to the exchange using the Exchange Trader credentials configured here. TT User Setup allows you to map TTORD gateway login(s) to one or more exchange traders.

When setting up a TTORD, you use the Map to Exchange Traders button to assign the TTORD to the Exchange Traders. For more information about how to configure TTORDs, refer to the TT User Login and Risk Administration Reference Guide.

Note:When mapping TTORD

  • You cannot save a TTORD gateway login unless it is mapped to at least one exchange trader.

  To map a TTORD gateway login to an exchange trader...

  1. From the Edit Gateway Login window, click Map to Exchange Traders. This button only appears when the Member portion of the MGT is a TTORD.

    The Map Exchange Traders to window appears. This window displays both exchange traders not currently assigned to the TTORD (Available Exchange Traders) and those that are currently assigned to the TTORD (Selected Exchange Traders).

  2. Using the transfer arrow buttons (>, >>, <, <<), move one or more exchange traders (MGTs) from the Available Exchange Traders section to the Selected Exchange Traders section.

    Note: If the exchange trader does not exist, click Create to create it. After you save the new exchange trader, it is automatically added to the Selected Exchange Traders section.

  3. Click Done.

    Additional exchange traders appear in the Edit Gateway Login window.

  4. If you are creating a TTORD gateway login and will connect to pre-7.17 TT Gateways, you must also assign an account number. Continue to the Assigning Accounts topic. If the Gateway Login will connect to a 7.17 or later gateway, the account number is optional.