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TT User Setup Documentation

Assign to Available Users Window Field Descriptions

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

To access the Assign to Available Users window, click Assign to Users from the Gateway Logins window. The Gateway Logins tab of the New User and Edit User windows contains the same fields. This topic describes all of the Assign to Available Users window fields:

Available Users list

The Username, Display Name, and Group fields contain read-only values defined in the New User or Edit User window.

Selected Users list

The Username, Display Name, Group, and Gateway fields are read-only values that are defined in the New User or Edit User window. The Available To User, Available To FIX Client, Automatically Login, Clearing Member, Default Account, Preferred IP and Operator ID fields are defined on the User's Gateway Login Attribute window, but can be edited by selecting one or more users and editing the Login Attributes from this window.

Login Attributes

The Login Attributes section has the following fields:


Available to UserIndicates whether a user can have access to a given gateway login after performing a universal login.
Available to FIX ClientIndicates whether a FIX Client user can have access to a given gateway login after performing a universal login.
Automatically LoginSpecifies whether a user of a specific gateway login will be automatically logged into a given gateway.
Mandatory LoginIndicates whether the user must log onto this Gateway when logging into TT applications. Check this option to prevent users from bypassing risk limits by not logging into a specific Gateway.
Clearing MemberDesignates a member firm of a clearing house through which trades are settled.
Default Account

Specifies the default account type as defined by the exchange (A1-A9, G1, G2, M1-M3, P1-P3, or U1-U3.

Preferred IPSpecifies the IP address of the Gateway. The preferred IP is used when there are multiple Gateways running with the same flavor name.
Operator IDSpecifies the Operator ID that is used to identify the trader to the exchange (e.g., Tag 50 for CME).
Prevent more than X orders per second (overrides the User-Level setting)The maximum rate of orders per second allowed per TT Gateway. This setting overrides the rate set for all TT Gateways assigned to a user.
Exchange 1 -- 6Used for configuring exchange-specific order routing functionality. (e.g., CME Self Match Prevention).
Market OrdersAllows or prevents market orders for a user’s Gateway Login, or defers to the user’s setting for market orders. This setting only applies to native market orders being submitted (Cancel/Delete/Hold are unaffected). Select one of the following options:
  • Apply User Setting: Defers to the user-level setting for submitting market orders.
  • Allow Market Orders: Allows the user to submit market orders using this Gateway Login. Overrides the user-level setting.
  • Prevent Market Orders: Prevents the user from submitting market orders with this Gateway Login. Overrides the user-level setting.

Note: If the user has multiple Gateway Logins to the same gateway, then the most restrictive login setting is applied. For example, if one of the Gateway Logins is set to Prevent Market Orders, then all gateway logins to that same gateway will be prevented from placing market orders.