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TT User Setup Documentation

Gateway Logins Overview

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use the Gateway Logins window to create or edit gateway logins. Gateway logins are the MemberGroupTrader IDs used to log into TT Gateways. Each can have their own account numbers and risk limits, and multiple gateway logins can be assigned to a single user. To create or edit a gateway login, refer to Creating a New Gateway Login.

You can customize the Gateway Logins window by hiding TTORDs, hiding exchange traders, and expanding or collapsing the Gateway/Exchange Trader view. Refer to Customizing the Gateway Logins Window for more information.

From the Gateway Logins window you can also assign users to existing gateway logins. Refer to the Assigning Users to a Gateway Login topic.

Note: The Gateway Logins window is a standard data grid with additional options that allow you to hide TTORDs, hide Exchange Traders, and expand or collapse the Gateway/Exchange Trader view. Refer to the Data Grid Functionality topic if needed.