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TT User Setup Documentation

Configuring Gateway Login Risk

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

When creating, editing, or copying a gateway login, you can append specific Guardian risk data to the login. The risk fields include:

  • Risk Check: Determines whether Guardian risk checks orders sent with this gateway login. When Risk Check: is checked, the related risk settings are applied to a trader's orders.
  • Trading allowed: Determines if a gateway login can be used to trade.
  • Ignore P&L: Determines whether P&L is used in available credit calculations.
  • Credit: Specifies the sum of money available at the start of a trading session, which can be affected by a trader's margin and P&L. Enter 0 to reset the credit to unlimited.
  • Currency: Specifies the currency for the Credit field (e.g. USD = United States Dollar).

To edit the risk settings for an existing gateway login... 

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the User Admin menu, select Gateway Logins.
    • From the user's Edit User window, click the Gateway Logins tab.
  2. On the Gateway Logins window, click a login row and then click Edit.

    Note: You can also edit risk data when creating a new gateway login.

  3. On the Edit Gateway Login window, check the Add to Guardian option (in a non-X_TRADER ASP environment, risk settings are always published to Guardian).

    Note: The Add to Guardian option is checked automatically after "TTORD" is entered in the Member field. TTORDs must all be published to Guardian.

    Note: The Add to Guardian option does not appear in X_TRADER ASP. In a non-X_TRADER ASP environment, this option does not appear if DisableProductLimitPublishingMode is on. If it is “on”, risk checking is based solely on the Risk Check checkbox. Refer to the TT User Setup System Administration Manual for more information about the DisableProductLimitPublishingMode parameter.

    The risk options enable (Add to Guardian is only available in a non-X_TRADER ASP environment).

  4. Configure the Risk Check, Trading allowed, Ignore P&L, Credit, and Currency fields as needed.

    Note: Risk settings and product limits disable when Risk Check is unchecked.

  5. If traders using this gateway login need a different credit limit for TT SIM trading, check the Override credit for TT SIM and enter the TT SIM credit limit into the TT SIM credit field.
  6. Click Save.

Note: You must assign an account if either of the following is true: The Add to Guardian option is checked, or you connect to pre-7.17 gateways, the Gateway Login is a TTORD and DisableProductLimitPublishingMode is on.