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TT User Setup Documentation

Introduction to TT User Setup

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

TT User Setup serves as the central location for managing all TT Users, their gateway login information, their risk, and more.

User Administration

Administrators create new usernames and passwords and configure various contact information, user login properties, X_RISK permissions, X_TRADER customer defaults, product limits, and product group permissions. Administrators also assign usernames to gateway logins as needed. Users then log into TT applications with this username.

Gateway Login Administration

Gateway logins consist of Member, Group, and Trader IDs (MGTs) and the corresponding gateways. These MGTs can be used to log into a gateway/exchange.

Administrators assign usernames created in TT User Setup to gateway logins (MGTs and associated gateways). Users log into TT applications (such as X_TRADER) with the unique username and password created by the Administrator.

Risk administration allows you to set limits on maximum order quantity, additional margin, maximum position, etc., as well as establish parameters for credit, ignoring P&L, allowing trading, currency, etc.

Account/Account Group Administration

Administrators create accounts, which they can assign to an account group. Per account or account group, administrators can determine which products are trade-able, specify various limits on maximum order size and position per product, and configure additional margin per product.

Tiered Administration

TT User Setup supports several levels of Administrator permissions:

  • Super Administrator: Provides complete access to TT User Setup functionality.
  • Group Administrator: Provides permission to view, edit, and create users, gateway logins, and accounts that exist in one of the user groups the administrator is designated to manage. Also provides the option to prevent a group administrator from creating or editing direct trader gateway logins, as well as from assigning those logins directly to traders.
  • Gateway Login Administrator: Provides permission to assign gateway logins and gateway login attributes to users in the user groups the administrator is designated to manage.
  • Password Administrator: Provides permission to unlock users and reset passwords for some user groups or all user groups.
  • View Only: Provides permission to view users, gateway logins, and accounts that exist in one of the user groups the administrator is designated to view. View-only Administrators can also view system settings, and relevant diagnostic checks.
  • Collect Log Files Only: Provides permission to collect any log files in the trading environment, including log files containing sensitive trading information. This user cannot view or edit any user or system settings.

Server Administration

From the System Settings window, administrators can configure the login rules, set password rules and restrictions, set the default behavior for newly added product groups, configure automatic diagnostics, and enable and configure FMDS for the system.

From the Version Rules window, administrators can create and manage rules that reject logins or warn users when the users is attempting to connect to TT User Setup with a specific version of X_TRADER or X_RISK

Administrators can also Collect Log Files from other machines on their gateway, reset the Guardian exchange tree, and edit currency tables.

FIX Adapter Administration

Administrators can create TT FIX Adapter Order Routing Servers, FIX Adapter Drop Copy Servers, and their corresponding FIX Adapter client users. Administrators also assign FIX Adapter servers and clients login information, contact information, gateway logins, and FIX Adapter account defaults.


Administrators can view the list of users that are connected in an environment, an audit trail of the changes to the database, and various additional reports that list user and system information. These reports can all be exported to CSV or HTML.

Users (either logged in or not) can also monitor Server activity and status using the Server Messages, TT User Setup Servers and Environment Server Status windows, which provide updates on login attempts, server up/downs, error conditions, active servers in your environment, etc.