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TT User Setup Documentation

Logging Into TT User Setup

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use the TT Login window to log into TT User Setup. To log in successfully, a TT User Setup Server must be running as a Master server. For a detailed description on the role of a Master server, refer to the TT User Setup System Administration Manual .

Note: Without logging in, you can still access TT User Setup's Server Messages, TT User Setup Servers, and Environment Server Status windows.

To log into TT User Setup...

  1. On your desktop, double-click the TT User Setup icon.

    The TT Login window appears.

  2. In the Username and Password fields, enter a valid username and password.

    Note: For first-time logins, the default username is TTSYSTEM and the default password is 12345678. TT Recommends that you change this password by clicking Change Password.

  3. To populate the Username field automatically the next time you log in, check the Remember my Username option.
  4. Click Login.

    If the login is successful, the TT User Setup Control Panel appears.

Additional Login Requirements

Before an administrator can log into TT User Setup, another administrator must grant them the appropriate TT User Setup permissions from the New User or Edit User window, as seen below.

Warning: Ensure that None is selected for users that are not allowed to log into TT User Setup.

Additionally, only users with the Active option checked can log onto TT User Setup.

To log out of TT User Setup without automatically closing the application...

From the TT User Setup Control Panel, open the File menu and select Logout.