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TT User Setup Documentation

Using the Control Panel

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The TT User Setup Control Panel includes a Toolbar and a Menu bar.

Note: Use the Find Control Panel option (available on most right-click menus) to bring the control panel into focus. This is useful when other screens have overlapped the control panel.

Use the Toolbar to access the various TT User Setup windows. The buttons that appear on the Toolbar are as follows:

Opens the Users window, which allows you to set up new users and their login properties, contact, and password information.

Opens the Gateway Logins window and allows you to configure a gateway login. A gateway login includes Member, Group, and Trader IDs, account numbers, and pre-trade risk parameters which traders use to log into gateways.

Opens the Product Limitswindow, which allows you to view and edit all product limits across all traders.
Opens the Accounts window, which allows you to create and edit account numbers, assign accounts to an account group, and to edit account groups. Once you create an account, you can configure account-based risk
Opens the Reports window, from which you can run various user and system reports.
Opens the Audit Trail window, which tracks updates made to the database.