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TT User Setup Documentation

Using the Menu Options

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use the Menu bar to access various TT User Setup functions and windows.

Note: TT User Setup permits only one primary window to be open at any given time. For example, if you have a Users window open and you want to access the Gateway Logins window, you must first close the Users window. TT User Setup disables certain Control Panel and Menu options when a primary window is open.

Note: Use the Find Control Panel option (available on most right-click menus) to bring the control panel into focus. This is useful when other screens have overlapped the control panel.

The following is a list of menu options:

  • Use the File menu to access login and logout features.

    The options available from the File menu include: 

    LoginOpens the TT Login window.
    LogoutLogs you out of TT User Setup without closing the application. The Login, Server Messages, and Server Status options remain available.
    Publish to GuardianNot used, but is available in case TT User Setup and Guardian become out of sync.
    ExitCloses the TT User Setup client.
  • Use the User Admin menu to perform user and gateway login setup functions.

    The options available from the User Admin menu include:

    UsersOpens the Users window, which allows you to create and manage users.
    Gateway Logins

    Opens the Gateway Logins window, which allows you to manage and create gateway logins. Gateway logins are the MemberGroupTrader IDs used to log into TT Gateways. Each gateway login can have different account numbers and risk limits.

    For a more complete list of gateway login functionality, refer to the topics in the Gateway Logins section of this Help system.

    AccountsOpens the Accounts window, which allows you to create and edit account numbers, assign accounts to an account group, and to edit account groups. Once you create an account, you can configure account-based risk.
    Product LimitsOpens the Product Limits window, which allows you to view and edit all product limits across all traders.
    Contract LimitsOpens the Contract Limits window, which allows you to view and edit risk limits for specific contracts per product.
    X_TRADER Customer DefaultsOpens the Customer Defaults window, which allows you to configure customer defaults for X_TRADER users. Customer defaults determine order parameters, such as account number, that are to be applied to a trader's order.
    Product Group PermissionsOpens the Product Group Permissions window, which allows you to allow or block user access to individual product groups in supported markets.
    Users' Gateway Login AttributesOpens the Users' Gateway Login Attributes window, which allows you to edit specific login attributes such as Auto Login and Available to User across all users.
    User GroupsOpens the User Groups window, which allows you to create and edit user groups. You can configure TT User Setup Administrators to manage one, multiple, or all user groups.
    Account GroupsOpens the Account Groups window, which allows you to create and edit account groups. Once you create an account group you can assign accounts to the group and configure account-group based risk.
    FIX Adapter Account DefaultsOpens the Account Default List window, which allows you to create order values used by TT FIX Adapter when sending orders.
    Unlock Users/Reset PasswordsOpens the Unlock Users/Reset Passwords window, which allows you to unlock any locked out users, as well as reset their passwords.
    Diagnostic ChecksOpens the Diagnostic Checks window, which allows you to check for potential setup issues in the database.
  • Use the Server Admin menu to configure the system settings, manage version rules, and collect log files.

    The options available from the Server Admin menu include:

    System SettingsOpens the System Settings window, which allows you to enable and set specific password rules and login properties, enable and disable automatic diagnostic checks, and configure the X_STUDY/FMDS settings.
    Version RulesOpens the Version Rules window, which allows you to create rules that allow or prevent users from logging in with specified versions of X_TRADER or X_RISK.
    Collect Log FilesOpens the Collect Log Files window, which allows an administrator to collect remote log files.
    Reset Exchange TreeResets the Guardian exchange tree for all Guardians in the environment. This removes any exchanges and IP addresses where there are no running services.
    CompaniesOpens the Companies window, which displays a view-only list of companies associated with the Broker.
    Currency Exchange Rates Opens the Currency Exchange Rates window, which allows you to edit the exchange rates listed in Guardian. These exchange rates are used in P&L and risk calculations.

    Note: If you use TT User Setup to edit the currency exchange rates, do not edit currency rates with Guardian

    Add/Remove CurrenciesOpens the Currencies window, which allows you to add currencies, delete currencies, and to set the primary currency.
    Product MarginsOpens the Product Margins window, which allows you to edit product margins for available products and publish the changes to Guardian.
    License SetupOpens the License Setup window, which allows you to view the current environment license file, view other LMT files, and to publish the license to Guardian.
    Migrate Users to New Gateway

    Opens the Migrate Users to New Gateway window that allows you to migrate users to a new gateway, based on how they are configured for a current gateway. You can select whether or not to copy the source gateway's Gateway Login, FIX client, and automatic and mandatory login settings.

    Lock GatewaysA TT Administrator has the ability to mark gateways and SE servers as unavailable for assignment to users. Once a servers is locked, broker administrators cannot assign the locked server to any user (i.e., check the ‘Available to User’, Auto-login’, or Available to FIX Client’ checkboxes) until the server is unlocked.

    Note: This functionality provides TT NET with the ability to load balance servers.

  • Use the Reports menu to access user and server reports.

    The options available from the Reports menu include:

    Logged in UsersOpens Logged in Users window, which allows you to view all users currently logged in and connected to TT servers.
    Audit TrailOpens the Audit Trail window, which tracks updates made to the data in TT User Setup.
    Run ReportsOpens the Reports window, from which you can generate various reports that display user and system information.
    Server MessagesOpens the Server Messages window, which allows you to monitor all TT User Setup server activity.
    TT User Setup ServersOpens the TT User Setup Servers window, which allows you monitor the status of each TT User Setup Server.
    Environment Server StatusOpens the Environment Server Status window, which shows whether the servers in your environment are active.
    ICE Product Groups ReportCreates an ICE Product Groups report that ICE uses to verify that only the allowed users can access market data for the specified product groups.
  • Use the Help menu to access the Help System and version information.

    The options available from the Help menu include:

    Help TopicsAccesses the TT User Setup Help Library.
    What's NewAccesses the What's New topic of the help system.
    TT Remote Help CenterLaunches a browser directed to the TT Remote Help Center.
    Feature Compatibility MatrixLaunches a browser directed to the TT User Setup Feature and Product Compatibility table.
    About TT User SetupDisplays the version and copyright information for TT User Setup.