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TT User Setup Documentation

Displaying Logged in Users

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

TT User Setup allows you to list all users currently logged into the trading environment. You can display a list of logged in users based on username, gateway connection, product license, and product license per number of markets. Viewing the logged in users report allows you to determine how your licenses are currently being used and how many licenses you have available.

Note: When logged in as a Group Administrator, TT User Setup only displays the user and gateway logins that exist in one of the user groups the administrator has permission to manage.

To view connected users...

  1. From the Reports menu, select Logged in Users.

    The Logged in Users window appears.

  2. To refresh the window, click Refresh.
  3. View the Logged in Users window tabs as needed:

    • Use the By User tab to list each user that is currently consuming a license. You can also force a logoff from this tab.

      Note: TT API requires an X_TRADER® Pro license. If a user is running a TT API application and is not logged in to X_TRADER Pro, then the TT API application consumes an X_TRADER Pro license. However, if a user is logged in to X_TRADER Pro and using TT API, then the TT API application does not consume an X_TRADER Pro license. For a calculated license count, use the By Product License tab.

    • Use the By Gateway tab to determine which users are connected to which gateways using which MGTs.

    • Use the By Product License tab to determine how many licenses are available for each product.

You have successfully viewed the connected users.