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TT User Setup Documentation

Generating an ICE Product Groups Report

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The ICE Product Groups report collects information about the users' product group permissions settings, the trading environment, and the TT applications used to connect to the trading environment. The report includes:

  • The time and date that the named administrator created the report on the named TT User Setup server.
  • Timestamp and configuration settings for the users that connect to ICE gateways.
  • A list of the allowed and blocked product groups, per customer. A product group is only listed as blocked when all traders assigned to a given customer are blocked from the product group.
  • A list of users that have blocked ICE product groups, along with which product groups are blocked, and when an administrator created the block..
  • A list of ICE live Gateways and ICE Live Gateway connections. This information identifies the network as a valid trading environment.
  • The versions of recently used TT products and the date that the user connected. This allows ICE to determine if users can connect using older TT applications that do not support product filtering.

Note: Product groups that are marked allowed may not actually be allowed if the TT gateway is not configured to subscribe to those products.

When you generate the report, TT User Setup creates two zip files, one encrypted and one unencrypted. Both zip files contain identical .bin and .csv files. Typically you send both versions of the file to ICE.

Note: If you want the ICE Product Group report to list the product permissions per customer, then you must associate each user with a customer. To group users by customer, on the user’s Main tab, enter the customer name into the Organization field.

To generate an ICE Product Groups report:...

  1. From the Reports menu, select ICE Product Groups Report.
  2. When prompted to create the ICE product groups report file, click Yes.

TT User Setup generates the ttus_ice_product_group<timestamp>.zip and ttus_ice_product_group<timestamp>.zip.server.zip files and copies them to the ~ttlogfiles folder.