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TT User Setup Documentation

Disabling Trading for a Trading Environment

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

TT User Setup provides a trading “kill switch” that you can use to disable trading for your entire trading environment. Only Super Administrators (non-X_TRADER ASP) and Broker Administrators (X_TRADER ASP) have access to the “kill switch.” When trading is disabled in a non-X_TRADER ASP environment by a Super Administrator:

  • New orders, including Wholesale (OTC) orders, are rejected on all TT Gateways in the environment.
  • Existing orders remain working at the exchange unless canceled via a trading administrator login (TTADMXXXMGR) or Admin Delete utility.
  • Users cannot modify or cancel any working orders. Order actions on existing orders are rejected by the TT Gateways.
  • Users continue to receive fills and exchange notifications (the TT Gateway sessions remain active).

The same behavior is true when trading is disabled in a X_TRADER ASP environment by a Broker Administrator, except that new orders are rejected on gateways in the broker company’s environment only.

To disable trading for a trading environment...

  1. From the Server Admin menu, select Trading “KILL SWITCH”.

    The Confirm Kill Switch window appears.

  2. Type “yes” in the Confirm Kill Switch window to disable trading.

    The Kill Switch window appears, indicating that trading is disabled.

    Note: When the trading state is toggled (e.g., from disabled or enabled), a system notification is sent to each connected TT User Setup client in the entire environment (non-X_TRADER ASP) or broker company environment only (X_TRADER ASP).

  3. To enable trading, click the button on the Kill Switch window to toggle the trading state.

    When you toggle from Trading Enabled to Trading Disabled, you will be prompted again to confirm a stop to all trading in your environment.