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How to Set Up a Third-party Risk Administrator

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an administrator that will only manage risk for a select group of TT Gateways. This is useful when you use a third-party's exchange credentials but do not want that third-party to create users, edit non-risk settings, or edit risk settings that do not belong to them.

Example: ABC Trading hosts two TT Gateways (CME-A and Eurex-A) and manages traders using TT User Setup. To provide traders access to an ICE Gateway, ABC Trading uses the credentials of a second company, XYZ Futures. Because XYZ Futures owns the ICE credentials, XYZ Futures administrators want to manage risk for any ICE trades. However, because the traders also trade CME and Eurex, ABC Trading administrators want to manage risk for any CME or Eurex trades, as well as all other aspects of the users' configuration. ABC Trading administrators also want to control which traders can trade on the XYZ Futures Gateways.

To satisfy these requirements, ABC Trading administrators will create a new TT User Setup group that contains only the ICE gateway logins. They will then assign the new group to an XYZ Futures Gateway Login administrator. When the XYZ Futures administrator logs in, he will be able to manage the gateway logins (which include all the risk limits) for the XYZ Futures Gateways. XYZ Futures administrators will not be able to assign these gateway logins to users. This will be done by ABC Trading.


Creating the Gateway Login Group

  To create a group that contains only gateway logins...

  1. Log into TT User Setup as a super administrator.
  2. From the User Admin menu, select User Groups.
  3. From the User Groups window, click New.
  4. Create a new user group that will only be used for the third-party's gateway logins (e.g XYZFuturesRisk).
  5. If TT User Setup already contains some or all of the third-party gateway logins, you can assign them to this new user group by clicking Assign Gateway Logins and then selecting the available gateway logins. The third-party administrator will also be able to create new gateway logins as needed.
  6. Continue to the next section, Creating the Third-party Gateway Login Administrator.

Creating the Third-party Gateway Login Administrator

  To create an administrator that can only manage gateway logins...

  1. Select (Users) from the TT User Setup Control Panel.
  2. From the Users window, click New.
  3. On the User Settings Login tab, enter the appropriate login data, including Username, and any additional data in the applicable fields.
  4. On Administrator Settings, select the Gateway Login Administration option. Leave Restrict Gateway Login Administrator to User Groups listed below  checked.
  5. Move the third-party group you created in the previous section to the Can only manage Gateway Logins in the following User Groups section.
  6. Click Saveand then click Close.

    When the third-party gateway login administrator logs in, TT User Setup displays only the gateway logins that you assigned to the third-party gateway login group. The gateway login administrator can create new gateway logins, as long as they do not conflict with your current gateway logins. The gateway logins that the gateway login administrator creates cannot be used until you assign them to a trader.

Assigning Users to the Third-party Gateway Logins

To assign users to the third-party gateway logins you must log into TT User Setup as an administrator that can access both the third-party user group and the traders' user group(s). You can then access the Gateway Logins window and assign the gateway logins.