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TT User Setup Documentation

How to Setup a New User Who Will Trade Using a TTORD Gateway Login

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup a new X_TRADER user (John Doe). Using the unique TTORD ID you will create, John can log into, and trade on, several TT gateways. In addition, this tutorial will illustrate how to setup John with pre-trade risk limits, order defaults, account numbers, etc.

To setup a user to trade several markets using X_TRADER and a non-registered trader login...

  1. Select (Users) from the TT User Setup Control Panel.
  2. From the Users window, click New.

    The New User window appears.

  3. On the User Settings Login tab, enter the following:
    1. Enter the X_TRADER Login information. This is the Username and Password the X_TRADER user uses to log in.
    2. Ensure that the Active option is checked to activate the user login.
    3. Configure User-Level Risk, if needed.
  4. From the New User window, click Contact Information and add contact information.

    Note: In X_TRADER ASP, Country and Email are required fields. If you set Country to United States, you must set a zip code.

  5. Click User Defined Fields and add information, if needed.
  6. Click User Risk and configure, as needed.
  7. Click Application Permissions.
    1. Select the X_TRADER mode (e.g. X_TRADER Pro).
    2. Configure additional application permissions, as needed.
  8. From the New User window, click Trade Permissions and configure as needed.
  9. From the New User window, click Product Group Permissions and configure, as needed.
  10. From the New User window, click Gateway Logins and New.

    The New Gateway Login window appears.

    Note: A new “gateway login” consists, in part of the MGT and corresponding gateways that a user logs into.

    On the New Gateway Login window, you can create the unique TTORD ID that John Doe will use when trading. The steps below illustrate mapping John’s TTORD ID to real registered Trader IDs (Exchange Traders) and TT gateways. In addition, follow the steps to setup pre-trade risk parameters that apply to all orders submitted by John’s new TTORD ID.

  11. To create a TTORD login, enter a Member ID beginning with TTORD and a Group and Trader ID. The Member ID must be 7 characters or less.

    Note: To prevent John’s MGT from sharing an order book with others, the Member and Group fields must be unique.

  12. Click Map to Exchange Traders.

    The Map Exchange Trader to window appears, whereby for example, you can map TTORDJS 001 001 to registered trader IDs.

  13. If there are no available exchange traders, you can create one by clicking Create.

    The New Exchange Trader window appears.

    1. Click the Market field or the ... button, select a Gateway, and then click Select.

      The Market and Gateway fields automatically populate with your selection.

    2. Complete the Member, Group, and Trader fields and click Save.
  14. If there are available exchange traders in the Map Exchange Trader window, you can skip step 3, and use the arrow buttons to transfer multiple IDs from the Available Exchange Traders section to the Selected Exchange Traders section.
  15. Click Done.
  16. On the New Gateway Login window, click Assign Accounts.

    Note: Beginning with TT User Setup 7.17, account information is no longer required for gateway logins. However, accounts are required for TTORDs if applicable clients, servers, and gateways have not been upgraded to a minimum of version 7.17.

    The Assign Accounts window displays a list of all accounts.

    1. Using the arrow buttons, transfer one or more records from the Available Accounts section to the Selected Accounts pane.
    2. If there are not available accounts to select, click Create.

    3. On the New Account window, enter the Account name and Account description and then click Save. You can also enter configure account-based risk from the New Account window (refer to the Account Administration Overview topic if needed).
    4. On the Assign Accounts window, click Done.
  17. On the Gateway Login window, either uncheck the Risk Check setting or click the New Product Limit button to set up product limits for John to trade.

    Note: Because John’s TTORD is mapped to CME, you should set up product limits that apply to the CME gateway. As such, John can trade all Futures on CME and is subject to the limits illustrated above.

    On the New Product Limit window, apply any applicable limits and then click Save.

    All newly created data appears in the New Gateway Login window.

    Note: For a detailed description of product limit functionality, refer to the product limit topics in the User Risk section.

  18. In the Risk Check section, check the Trading Allowed option for this TTORD.

    Note: When the Trading Allowed option is not checked, all orders placed by this MGT are rejected.

  19. On the New Gateway Login window, click Save.

    Note: The newly created gateway login data appears in Gateway Logins on the Edit User window.

  20. From the New User window, click Customer Defaults, and enter any applicable customer default data.

    For a detailed description of customer default functionality, refer to the customer defaults topics in the Managing Users section.

  21. From the New User window, click Account Permissions and configure, as needed.
  22. On the New User window, click the Save button.

    The newly created user and associated data display in the Users window.