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TT User Setup Documentation

Configuring the Outgoing Email Settings

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

TT User Setup allows you to send newly generated passwords to users over email. This functionality is available only to Super Administrators, Group Administrators (non-X_TRADER ASP only), and Password Administrators.

To enable and set up outgoing email settings...

  1. Access the Edit User or New User window for a Super Administrator, Group Administrator, Password Administrator, or Broker Administrator and then click the Outgoing Email Settings tab.
  2. Check the Enable outgoing email settings option.
  3. Enter the SMTP server host or IP address and SMTP port (typically port 25).
  4. If the SMTP server requires authentication, check the SMTP server requires authentication option and enter the Account name and Password.
  5. If your SMTP server requires SSL, check the Use SSL option.
  6. Enter the From email address, Email subject, and Additional message text for the outgoing email messages, and check the Include username in message option if needed.
  7. To test the email settings, click Send Test Email and enter an email address that should receive the test email. You should then verify that the test email was received.
  8. Click Save.