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TT User Setup Documentation

Creating a Group Administrator (non-X_TRADER ASP only)

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

A Group Administrator can view, edit, and create users, gateway logins, and accounts that exist in one of the groups the administrator is designated to manage. A Group Administrator must be configured to manage at least one user group, and could potentially manage all of the user groups. The Group Administrator options is not applicable to X_TRADER ASP.

Depending on the options selected, the Group Administrator can also manage Gateway Logins, manage Direct Trader Gateway Logins (or be restricted to only TTORD Gateway Logins), and manage accounts and account-based risk (or be prevented from managing accounts, account-based risk, and broker-related user settings).

Note: Group administrators can be prevented from creating and managing Gateway Logins, managing account-based risk, and/or limited to only creating and managing TTORD Gateway Logins.

To create a Group Administrator in a non-X_TRADER ASP environment...

  1. Select (Users) from the TT User Setup Control Panel.
  2. From the Users window, click New.

    The New User window appears.

    Note: To give an existing user administrative privileges, select the user from the Users window and click Edit.

  3. Edit any Login, Contact, or User Defined fields as needed.
  4. Click the Administrator Settings tab and select the Group Administrator option from the Administrator Type drop-down menu.
  5. To allow this administrator to manage gateway logins, check the Manage Gateway Logins option.

    Note: When copying a user, a Group Administrator cannot copy the user’s gateway login(s) unless this option is checked.

  6. To allow this Group Administrator to create and edit Direct Trader gateway logins, check the Create Direct Trader Gateway Logins option.

    When the option is unchecked, this administrator can only create and edit TTORDs.

  7. To allow this Group Administrator to create accounts/account groups and manage account risk limits, check the Manage accounts and broker-specific user settings option.

    When the option is unchecked, this administrator can only create new gateway logins and manage risk for existing gateway logins.

    Note: When unchecked, this option allows the Group Administrator to assign gateway logins. However, traders will not be able to use the logins until an administrator with permission to manage account risk limits approves the login assignments by checking the Available to User and/or Available to FIX Client options.

  8. At the bottom of the window, the Available User Groups list displays the user groups that you can assign to the administrator to manage. More than one administrator can manage the same group.
  9. Using the transfer arrow buttons (>, >>, <, <<), move one or more user groups from the Available User Groups list to the Can only manage the following User Group list.
  10. After adding the groups to the list, check the Default(s) option to assign any users, gateway logins, or accounts created by this administrator to the checked user groups.

    Note: You must select at least one user group as the Default user group.

    For example, if a user group named Chicago is selected as a Default, when the group administrator creates a gateway login, it will be automatically assigned to the Chicago user group.

  11. Click Save.
  12. Skip to the Configuring the Outgoing Email Settings topic.

You successfully created a Group Administrator.