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Creating a Password Administrator (non-X_TRADER ASP only)

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

A Password Administrator can unlock users and reset a user’s password for some user groups or all user groups. A Password Administrator can only access the Unlock Users/Reset Passwords window. For additional information, see Unlocking Users and Resetting Passwords for some user groups or all user groups.

To create a Password Administrator...

  1. Select (Users) from the TT User Setup Control Panel.
  2. From the Users window, click New.

    The New User window appears.

    Note: To give an existing user administrative privileges, select the user from the Users window and click Edit.

  3. Edit any Login, Contact, or User Defined fields as needed.
  4. Click the Administrator Settings tab.
  5. Select the Password Administrator option from the Administrator Type drop-down menu.
  6. To allow this administrator to manage all passwords in all available user groups, uncheck the Restrict Password Admin to User Groups listed below option.
  7. To restrict this administrator to managing specific user groups, check the Restrict Password Admin to User Groups listed below option.

    A list of the available user groups appears.

  8. From the Available User Groups list, click to select the user group that you want assigned to the Password Administrator. If the group does not exist, click Create and add it.

    Note: Press the Ctrl key to select multiple groups from the list.

  9. Using the transfer arrow buttons (>, >>, <, <<), move one or more user group from the Available User Groups list to the Can only see Users in the following User Groups list.

    Note: A Password Administrator must be configured to manage at least one user group.

  10. Click Save.
  11. Skip to the Configuring the Outgoing Email Settings topic.