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TT User Setup Documentation

Creating and Editing Administrative Users

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here 

TT User Setup supports the following administrative users who have varying levels of permissions to create, manage, and view users.

    • None:Reserved for a user who cannot log into TT User Setup. This is the default setting.
    • Super Administrator: Provides complete access to TT User Setup functionality. A user with Super Administrator permissions has no restrictions in TT User Setup. Refer to Creating a Super Administrator.

      Note: Super Administrator permissions is the equivalent of having TT User Setup Access in a pre-7.2 version of TT User Setup.

    • Buy-Side Administrator (X_TRADER ASP only): Provides permissions to create and manage buy-side traders.

      Note: Buy-Side Administrators use the TT User Setup web client.

    • Group Administrator: Provides permission to view, edit, and create users, gateway logins, and accounts that exist in one of the user groups the administrator is designated to manage. A Group Administrator can manage multiple user groups, but can exist in a single user group only. Refer to Creating a Group Administrator (non-X_TRADER ASP only).

      Note: Group administrators can be prevented from creating and managing Gateway Logins, managing account-based risk, and/or limited to only creating and managing TTORD Gateway Logins.

    • Gateway Login Administrator: Provides permission to manage one or more gateway logins. A user with Gateway Login Administrator permissions cannot edit users, but can assign gateway logins and gateway login attributes to users in a user group the administrator is designated to manage. Refer to Creating a Gateway Login Administrator (non-X_TRADER ASP only).
    • View Only: Provides permission to view any TT User Setup data window. A user with View Only permissions cannot edit data in any accessible window. Refer to Creating a View Only User.
    • Collect Log Files Only: Provides permission to collect any log files in the trading environment, including log files containing sensitive trading information. This user cannot view or edit any user or system settings. Refer to Creating a Collect Log Files Only User.
    • Broker Administrator (X_TRADER ASP only): Provides sell-side administrators (i.e., brokers) permissions to configure how traders are allowed to trade with them. Broker administrators can also configure their own settings. This includes...
        • Configuring risk settings
        • Configuring gateway logins, product limits, customer defaults, and account defaults
        • Enabling and disabling application properties like DMA order creation
        • Enabling and disabling product group permissions
        • Adding custom billing information as needed
        • Managing accounts