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TT User Setup Documentation

Assigning TT FIX Adapter Client(s) to a FIX Adapter Server

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You can assign FIX Adapter client users to a TT FIX Adapter server from either the server or client user's New User or Edit User window.

To assign a FIX Adapter Client to a FIX Adapter server...

  1. Click the FIX Adapter tab in the New User window.
  2. In the FIX Adapter window, click the drop-drown menu arrow in the FIX Adapter Role field and select Client.

    The list of available FIX Adapters appears.

    Refer to New User and Edit User Window Fields topic for descriptions of each field in the FIX Adapter window when assigning a FIX Client.

  3. Click the Enable debug logging for prices checkbox. By default, this functionality is disabled.
  4. Select a FIX Adapter from the list and click the right-arrow button to assign it to the FIX Client for this user.
  5. Select the Account Defaults tab in the New User window to add account information for orders submitted by the FIX Client.

    The New Account Default window opens.

  6. Enter account information for the FIX Client and click Save

    For more details about setting up account defaults for a FIX Adapter Client, refer to Setting Up an Account Default.

  7. Click Save on the FIX Adapter window.