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Allowingor Blocking Product Groups for Specific Markets

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

The Product Group Permissions tab allows administrators to allow or block access to product groups in supported markets. Some markets have specifically defined product groups. ICE, for example, has product groups such as OTC Gas, OTC Power, and US Futures.

Instead of allowing a user to subscribe to all products in a market, you can allow or block each available product group, per user. If a product group is blocked, a user logging into a TT application will not have access to any of the products in that group. This includes the ability to view market data for that product or to trade that product.

TT User Setup blocks all newly added product groups or markets for all MultiBroker buy-side users, and allows all newly added product groups or markets for all other users. TT User Setup also blocks all the product groups or markets for all newly added MultiBroker buy-side users and allows all product groups or markets for all other newly added users. It is up to the TT User Setup administrator to allow or block access to product groups.

Note: The following minimum TT software versions support product group permissions: FIX Adapter 7.6.1, X_TRADER 7.11.4, X_RISK 7.5, XTAPI 7.7.0, TT API 7.2.0, CME Gateway 7.14.3, ICE Gateway 7.14.1, and all other TT Gateways 7.17 and higher.

You can manually allow or block each product for each X_TRADER®, X_RISK®, and FIX Adapter client user from the Product Group Permissions window or tab. If a market (i.e., an exchange) is not listed in the Product Group Permissions tab, the user is allowed to access all products for that market.

For BVMF, CME, and ICE Market Data reporting, the Subscriber Agreement Signed column on the Product Group Permissions tab shows read-only fields indicating whether the user has signed an agreement with the exchange for access to a product group. In X_TRADER ASP, users of billable market data access are presented with a link to accept the exchange's subscriber agreement when they log in to X_TRADER® or X_RISK®. Once the user follows the link and accepts, TT User Setup is notified and the user is flagged in this column has having accepted the agreement.

Note: When creating new users in TT User Setup 7.17.41 or higher, product group permissions are blocked by default. New users do not have access to market data until they are specifically allowed.

To manually allow or block product groups...

  1. From the User Admin menu, select Product Group Permissions.

    Note: You can also access the product group permission for a single user by selecting the Product Group Permissions tab from the New User or Edit User windows.

    Refer to the New User and Edit User Window Fields topic for descriptions of each field.

  2. Select the product group(s) and click Allow or Block. If you select only one product you can also check or uncheck the Allowed option.
  3. Filter or sort the Product Group Permissions window as needed to locate the product group(s) you want to allow or block.