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TT User Setup Documentation

Assigning Gateway Logins to a User Through the Users Window

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

If a gateway login already exists, you can assign it to the user. The Assign Existing Logins  button opens a Gateway Logins window that displays a list of all the gateway logins that exist, but are not currently assigned to the user.

Note: In X_TRADER ASP, you cannot assign the same Gateway Login to buy-side users from different companies.

Note: TT User Setup 7.17 and X_TRADER 7.17 and later support multiple connections to the same gateway. This feature requires 7.17 versions of TT Software, with the exception of some gateways that support multiple-connections prior to 7.17. The login that you assign to a user can be a different MGT for the same TT Gateway. This is true when creating or assigning one additional MGT or assigning multiple MGTs to the same user in TT User Setup.

   To assign Gateway Logins to a selected user...

  1. Access the Gateway Logins tab for a user and then click Assign Existing Logins.

    The Assign Gateway Logins window appears listing the gateway logins currently not assigned to the selected user.

    Refer to the New User and Edit User Window Fields topic for descriptions of each field.

    Note: To display only exchange traders, check the Hide TTORDs option.

  2. Select one or more rows and then click Assign.

    Note: Click New to create a new gateway login. You can assign any logins you create to the user.

    The login is assigned to the selected user(s).

  3. If you are assigning this user multiple Gateway Logins to the same TT Gateway (e.g., two connections to the CME-A Gateway), consider the following:
    • You cannot assign two gateway logins to the same user if it would result in routing duplicate orders. For example, if TTORDAB/001/001 and TTORDAB/001/002 are both configured for CME-A, then you cannot assign both of these TTORDs to a user (the “M” and “G” are the same).
    • You also cannot assign Gateway logins with the same Member and Group to users in different companies in a X_TRADER ASP environment.
    • Multiple connections cannot be assigned to the same SE (Strategy Engine) gateway.
    • Not all TT Gateways support multiple connections before version 7.17.
    • If the user will be logging in with X_TRADER 7.17 or later, they will be allowed to select the preferred gateway when routing the order. You can select the default gateway when configuring the user’s customer defaults in TT User Setup or in X_TRADER.
    • The same user cannot be assigned an administrative login (where Group = XXX; for example, TRTT3XXXMGR) and any of the following:
      • a TTORD or direct trader login that shares the same Member value (e.g., M = TRTT3).
      • A TTORD that maps to a direct trader that shares a Member with the administrative Gateway Login.
      • A Direct Trader that could be mapped to by any TTORD that shares a Member with the administrative Gateway Login.
  4. Click Save.