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TT User Setup Documentation

Generating a Gateway Login for all Gateways

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

In some instances, you may want to configure an administrative user (admin user) to connect to all gateways. To do this, you can create a gateway login for each gateway and assign the gateway logins to the admin user, or you can use the Generate Admin Gateway Logins for all gateways feature one time. This feature allows you to add additional gateways to your trading environment without having to update the admin user. This is especially helpful when setting up, for example, a Username for your Historical Fill Server. Each time your HFS starts up, it will connect to all available gateways. You won’t need to reconfigure your HFS each time a new gateway is added.

  To create an administrator gateway login that will be used for all gateways...

  1. Access the Gateway Logins tab for a user.
  2. Check the Generate Admin Gateway Logins for all Gateways option.

    The Gateway Logins table is replaced with the Member/Group/Trader fields.

    Note: When you use the Generate Admin Gateway Logins for all gateways option, TT User Setup removes any existing gateway logins for this user.

  3. You can also access the product group permission for a single user by selecting the Product Group Permissions tab from the New User or Edit User windows. For more information about administrator gateway logins, refer to the Administrator Logins section in the TT User Login and Risk Administration guide.
  4. If you select the Individually Select Admin Logins option, you can select a login from a list of available admin logins that displays in this window.