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TT User Setup Documentation

SettingTrade Permissions

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

Use the fields on this tab to allow the user to do the following:

  • Specify behavior when orders cross.
  • Access X_TRADER's quoting functionality.
  • Use the wholesale trading functionality.
  • Create staged orders.
  • Manage staged orders.
  • Create DMA orders.
  • Share and deploy ADL Algos.
  • Place trades on behalf of others.
  • Change account numbers on fills.
  • Submit orders with undefined accounts.
  • Submit market orders.
  • Enable or disable TT synthetic algo order types (e.g., Iceberg).

To set trade permissions...

  1. Click the Trade Permissions tab.

  2. Select each setting as needed. Refer to New User and Edit User Window Fields topic for descriptions of each field.

  3. Click Save

Configuring an On Behalf Of User

A user with a Direct Trader ID can be configured to enter orders on behalf of another user with a TTORD using X_TRADER 7.17 or higher. When the On Behalf Of (OBO) functionality is enabled for a user, orders entered by the OBO-enabled user with a Direct Trader MGT on behalf of another user’s TTORD connected to the same TT Gateway are routed to the exchange using the Direct Trader’s MGT.

To enable OBO functionality for a user...

  1. On the Trade Permissions tab, enable the “On Behalf Of” orders option.

    Ensure that the TTORD is configured to route orders through the same order routing gateway and is mapped to the OBO-enabled user’s Direct Trader membership (M) and group (G).

  2. (Optional) On the Customer Defaults tab, assign a user’s TTORD and account that the OBO-enabled user (direct trader) is placing the orders for by default. Refer to Assigning a Default TTORD to an On Behalf Of (OBO) User .
  3. (Optional) On the Account Permissions tab, restrict the TTORD to trading in certain accounts as needed. Refer to Setting Application Permissions .